02 November 2008

Weird morning - Halloween 2008

October 31st was surprisingly pleasant weather, but the day started out quite odd.

The bus was 35 minutes late. This wouldn't have been so bad if it weren't the only bus going where I needed to go and the single run that it takes in the morning. I think nearly everyone else gave up and drove to work, but since I had ridden my bike I was one of only two people on the bus.

Then there were the rabbits, all trying to get into weird places.

I was crossing the street where there is a runoff drain on both sides of the road. On both sides, at the same time, a rabbit was sticking their head in the drain as if checking out whether they wanted to jump in or not. Don't they know that is the realm of rats, opossums and raccoons? Maybe they were "teenage" rabbits trying to get themselves in some trouble on Halloween.

Then, walking past a building I was startled to hear a thud and scratching in a water drainage spout. As I look over I see the hind legs of a rabbit furiously trying to claw their way up the spout. The rabbit quickly gave up, fell to the bottom and then dashed off.

I don't know if they were trying to hide from something or were just kids out on their own for the first time.